Get Organized for Summer Travel

Summer's here and school's almost out: For many, that means it's time to take to the road! Family vacation travel can be enriching, enjoyable and exciting--but only if you're organized. The family that fails to plan for summer travel can end up frazzled, frustrated...

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Turn Your Resolutions Into Realities

  The new year is here; have your thoughts turned to setting New Year`s resolutions? As a business who is centred around helping others create change, we find January to be the most exciting time of year! It`s time to wipe the slate clean and start anew. It`s...

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Let the Post-Holiday Declutter Begin!

Weekly Quick Tips Let the Post-Holiday Declutter Begin! The post-holiday declutter has begun in the Organizing Lives' households! With so many additional items on the to-do list in both November and December, plus an unusual inflow of new stuff into our homes, it is...

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Combat Paper Clutter

Weekly Quick Tips Combat Paper Clutter Despite our digital -age world, virtual networks, electronic data storage fields and the like, our world still swirls in whirlwinds of good old-fashioned paper. The utopian vision of a paper-reduced, time-saving era still eludes...

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The Secret for Staying Organized

Weekly Quick Tips The Secret for Staying Organized Have you ever wondered, " I'd really love to get more organized, but is it truly possible to stay organized?" If you've ever finished an organizing project only to see your efforts unravel in a matter of days (or even...

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Organize What You Love

Weekly Quick Tips Organize What You Love Ah, keepsakes, memorabilia.....those photos, cards, letters, programs, babyclothes and knickknacks that remind us  of the people, places, and times in our lives we love best. Memorabilia can be a wonderful thing, but it can...

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How to Get Started Organizing Your Paper

Weekly Quick Tips How to Get Started Organizing Your Paper If you're faced with paper clutter , whether you have a mountain of backlog or a small(ish) pile to sort through, getting started is often half the battle. Use these three ideas to get started on your paper...

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Clear the Clutter in Your Closet

Weekly Quick Tips Clear the Clutter in Your Closet Here's a simple, out of the box tip to help you clear the clutter in your closet:  When organizing your closet, or flipping it over from winter clothes to spring (soon!), act as though you're packing a suitcase for a...

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Keep it or Toss it?

Weekly Quick Tips Keep it or Toss it? Whether you're decluttering an entire room, a closet, or just a drawer, you'll face the inevitable question 'should I keep it, or should I toss it' over, and over (and over!) again. Here's some perspective from the pros (that's...

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