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“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

Mattie Stepanek

Sandra Wright

Founder and Chief Organizing Officer

Sandra Wright is the Founder and Chief Organizing Officer of Organizing Lives, a residential organizing company specializing in home transitions, at any stage of life.

Sandra’s philosophy is that simplicity, organization and self-care are vital to leading a more fulfilling life, in particular as we age. Blending personal experience, industry knowledge and hard work, Sandra is passionate about helping her clients achieve these goals, with practicality, an eye for detail, and sensitivity.

With a degree in journalism teaching Sandra to ‘keep it simple’, and a life-long passion for organizing (type ‘A’ since birth!), Organizing Lives is a natural extension of who Sandra is. Streamlining retail environments, and simplifying the lives of those around her for many years prior to the conception of Organizing Lives in 2005 with now retired business partner Kim, Sandra is fully able to appreciate the benefits of organized living, living large in a small space, and the dynamics of creating balance in her life. Twenty years of retail management and training behind her, Sandra brings with her a natural inclination to be ‘super organized’, a unique ability to conceptualize, to see beyond the clutter and turn disorder and chaos into simple and effective solutions.

Together with her dedicated team of professional organizers and senior move managers, Sandra has successfully transitioned hundreds of older adults and seniors to smaller spaces, often within impossibly tight timelines, with her positive energy, compassion and patience putting clients at ease from their very first meeting.


With 15 plus years as a Professional Organizer, Angela draws on her passion to make our client’s life transitions easier, enhancing living spaces and helping people eliminate clutter from their lives. With strict attention to detail and expertise in residential organization, decluttering and downsizing, Angela implements maintainable systems that blend aesthetics, form and function into our clients’ daily lives. Inspired by our clients’ willingness to allow us into their personal space, Angela has a profound understanding of the relationship that individuals have with their belongings. Always with a smile, Angela brings sensitivity, humour and efficiency to her less is more approach and nothing brings her more happiness then the sheer joy of a homeowner after a great organizing session or move transition. 


Sherree is a natural planner who deeply enjoys the organizing process, with a knack for making spaces thoughtfully functional with organizational systems that are both realistic and maintainable. Known for her compassionate and understanding nature, Sherree loves seeing the transformations we’re able to accomplish, and to see the relief wash over our clients as they see their newly transformed space. As a mom, grandmother, foster mother and small business owner creating and selling artisanal jams, Sherree fully understands the challenges that busy mothers face, seeing the need for organization as a foundation for moving forward, and draws on her experience to offer solutions to manage everyday household demands. Whether it’s helping clients clear the clutter that’s been holding them back, or helping them settle in to their new home, Sherree is extremely grateful knowing that her work is making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Mission Statement

The goal of Organizing Lives is to assist individuals in achieving a higher degree of productivity, improved quality of life, reduced stress and efficient time management by delivering effective and customized organizational solutions.

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