Residential Organizing

“When we talk about saving money, the best way to save it is not to waste it. And it doesn’t matter how much time or money or energy you put in to a room, if you haven’t edited and organized and decluttered and gotten it into a beautiful functional state first, you’ve wasted the money.”

Candice Olson

Residential Organizing Services – Designed to suit your individual needs; whether it’s organizing your entire home or de-cluttering a particular space, we guarantee our service will bring harmony into your daily life! Organizing Lives works with you to assist in the challenging task of de-cluttering and re-designing your closets, basement, garage, home office, bedrooms, kitchen….you name it, we can organize it! 

We’ll Teach You How!

Organizing Lives works one-on-one with our clients, teaching them the basics of organization, how to create more useable, functional space, leaving you with the skills to continue the process on a daily basis.

“Because I struggle with mental illness, as well as chronic pain, having Organizing Lives organize my home was like finally finding the piece of the puzzle that was missing. What you taught me – storing like with like, stopping clutter from coming in the door, and acting on my stuff on a daily basis – has been life-changing for me. Your team is wonderful – not once did I feel judged by my mess. I appreciate that you coached me to problem-solve and take action, which has given me hope that I will be able to continue to live in a lighter, more organized home. Thank you for your kindness.”

Lois, Oshawa

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