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Who Is Organizing Lives?

Organizing Lives approach to business is highly participative, design-integrative and provides customer-focused solutions. Friends and colleagues for close to twenty years, with over four decades combined in the service industry, Kim and Sandra bring complimentary skills and talents to their profession of Professional Organizer. Skilled listeners and communicators with sensitivity to the uniqueness of each client and situation, combined with strengths in management, organization, attention to detail and accountability ensure client satisfaction. Organizing Lives’ signature on any undertaking is Kim and Sandra’s personal assurance guaranteeing quality, efficiency, dedication, and creativity. Organizing Lives offers organizational design solutions to honour, reclaim, revitalize, and maintain your space…and your peace of mind. Organizing Lives business model is built on the belief that people can make profound changes in their lives one intention and one space at a time. We welcome you to explore our website further to discover the positive changes Organizing Lives can bring to you and your home.

Kim draws on her time management skills to balance work with a busy home life as a wife and mother of two grown children. She knows how challenging it can be to stay on top of everyday life; being a veteran of 11 moves in 22 years allows Kim to understand the stress that individuals and families under pressure and time constraints feel. With over two decades of sales and customer service behind her, Kim saw the need to create functional organizational systems to help others simplify their lives. Life experience has been Kim’s best teacher of all; for it has been her personal life that has she has gained the most benefit from the power of organizing and learning to walk the talk. Kim’s boundless energy, positive attitude, and caring, compassionate approach to organizing ensure fulfilling her client’s needs. Kim is a volunteer with Hospice Durham since 2000, supporting families who are faced with a life threatening illness. Her innate ability to help others has led her on a journey that enables others to reap the benefits and rewards of living and working in an organized, simplified environment, culminating in Organizing Lives.

With a degree in journalism teaching Sandra to ‘keep it simple’ and a life-long passion for organizing, Organizing Lives is a natural extension of who Sandra is. Streamlining retail environments and simplifying the lives of those around her for many years prior to the conception of Organizing Lives, Sandra is fully able to appreciate the benefits of organized living, living large in a small space and the dynamics of creating balance in her life. Sandra thoroughly understands the processes and challenges of disorganization, and has the ability to create functional solutions to promote productivity. Twenty years of retail management and training behind her, Sandra brings with her a natural inclination to be “super organized”, a unique ability to conceptualize, to see beyond the clutter and turn disorder and confusion into simple and effective solutions tailored to the needs of the client.

Organizing Lives has achieved a Certified Transition and Relocation Specialist (CRTS) Designation, which provides advanced training promoting professional standards within the Senior Move Industry. The only third party credential in the industry, the CRTS designation represents standards of excellence in the field of Senior Home Transition Downsizing. As adult children who have experienced the conflicting emotions, time commitment and difficult decision making of downsizing, Kim and Sandra have not only the desire, passion and optimistic attitudes to guide their clients through this downsizing transition, but also the empathy, understanding and sensitive approach necessary to refocus their clients on shifting away from the how-to’s of making a later life move to WHY moving forward is vital to successful aging. Organizing Lives is also a proud member of The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), the leading membership organization for Senior Move Managers in the United States, Canada and abroad. NASMM is recognized for its innovative programs and expertise related to Senior Move Management, transition and relocation issues affecting older adults.

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Mission Statement

The goal of Organizing Lives is to assist individuals in achieving a higher degree of productivity, improved quality of life, reduced stress and efficient time management by delivering effective and customized organizational solutions.

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“The size of your home is not related to the size of your soul,
but the condition of your dwelling does reflect the condition of
your being…of your mind, your body, and your spirit.”
– Sarah Breathnach, Simple Abundance