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Having the opportunity to exercise my strengths through Organizing Lives is something that I never take for granted, and I am humbled and honoured that our clients welcome us into their homes. Assisting others to restore order in their lives while practicing it myself continues to fuel my ambition and remind me how lucky I am to do what I love and be part of this remarkable business.  After 15 years, I continue to be in awe of the grace that our clients have as they move forward in their life’s journey; it is very rewarding to help them get there.

I believe that the legacy of any life is in the people it inspires and I look forward to helping you live a more balanced life.


Sandra Wright
Founder and Chief Organizing Officer

Our Team

Angela, Sandra

I believe I’m settled enough – it’s been two weeks now – to say a big “thanks” to Organizing Lives. It has all come together, and all because of you ladies. Everything you said you would do, you did! And you did it under tough circumstances….with not being able to see the retirement suite until the actual move day, which just happened to be the day before Christmas! You pulled it off with expertise, sensitivity, and a big dose of humour.
There is no better way to make a move – it took me 92 years to figure that one out – but, better late than never! To say that I am pleased would be an understatement.
Thanks once again to you and your wonderful team.



Our Mission

Welcome to Organizing Lives, the Durham Region based organizing and downsizing company that is dedicated to simplifying lives. Our mission is to treat you and your possessions with the highest degree of respect, while professionally and skillfully handling every detail of the downsizing and organizing process so you can relax and have peace of mind. Whether you need to organize your space, move yourself or a loved one move into a smaller home, or manage an estate clearing, our team of experienced professional organizers and move managers will support and guide you carefully and comfortably to your desired result. Organizing Lives signature on any undertaking is our personal assurance guaranteeing quality, efficiency, and dedication. Built on the belief that that people can make profound changes in their lives one intention, and one space at a time, we offer organizational solutions to honour, reclaim, revitalize and maintain your living space.

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