“Limits, philanthropy, generosity, sharing, economics… you can
teach your children all of those with just two bins of toys.”

Peter Walsh, Professional Organizer

How do I know if I need a professional organizer?

If you are struggling with any of the following, consulting with a professional organizer or organizing company would be in your best interest.

Clutter, inefficiency, lack of systems, stress, transition, relocation, feeling overwhelmed, downsizing, lack of time management, small spaces, procrastination, no free time, inability to complete a project or task.

Do I need to be present when my home is being organized?

We recommend that you, the homeowner, are available for the majority of the organizing project. You will be working alongside a professional organizer and actively taking part in the decision making process. However, if you have already disposed of all unwanted items, we are able to organize without your presence.

Do I need to prepare anything in advance of my organizing project?

We ask our clients not to change their living habits prior to the initial consultation, as we need to accurately assess your current space to properly complete a Needs Analysis Form, diagnose the challenges and create a plan of action.

How does Organizing Lives address confidentiality?

Organizing Lives provides a confidentiality agreement to assure you that the private nature of your business and/or personal life is respected at all times. Integrity and confidentiality are cornerstones of our business.

Do you provide organizing products?

We have a vast knowledge of organizing products (bins, baskets, shelving) and where to purchase them, and we will purchase them on your behalf; the time involved doing so is part of our price per hour. However, the cost of the items would be billed directly to you.

What do I do with my excess unwanted items?

We work with many local charities and will take your unwanted items to any one of them at no additional fee if it is a manageable vehicle-sized load. Otherwise, we will co-ordinate a dependable disposal company if you require this service. We will also share our resources with regards to selling items if your situation warrants it.

How long will it take to organize me?

There is no simple answer to that question. Every situation and project is unique. We will try to work within your budget when estimating the time it will take to complete your organizing project. The initial consultation will help us determine these factors and then we will be able to give you a realistic time estimate for the services you require.

Are your hours flexible? Weekends, evenings?

Organizing Lives recognizes that in order to work closely with the homeowner, evenings and weekend appointments for organizing projects are often necessary. There is no premium charged for this service.

How much do Senior Move Management services cost?

It’s virtually impossible to calculate what a specific move might cost, as the fee can vary considerably by the services requested. Organizing Lives always outlines the cost of a job through a written quote, as well as provides you with a letter of agreement before you are required to submit a deposit or payment.

What makes a Senior Move Manager® different from just a moving company? They seem pretty similar to me ... are they?

Senior Move Managers® provide a multi-faceted approach to the move process: from space planning in the beginning to post-move support and advocacy. Senior Move Managers® minimize the chaos and stress associated with moving by addressing all aspects of the move process. They are responsible to for creating and executing a seamless action plan, customized to the client’s wishes. With the gentle and expert guidance of an experienced Senior Move Manager®, older adults and families make the key decisions without the emotional and physical distress that can follow. As a result, they avoid the costly mistakes and remorse that often accompany such major lifestyle transitions. Senior Move Managers® do so much more than simply sort, settle and move boxes; with loads of energy, enthusiasm and experience, Senior Move Managers® take the worry (and work!) out of the move process. The client’s job is to simply enjoy his or her new living arrangement.

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