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How to Get Started Organizing Your Paper

If you’re faced with paper clutter , whether you have a mountain of backlog or a small(ish) pile to sort through,
paper cluttergetting started is often half the battle. Use these three ideas to get started on your paper backlog today.

Start with your newest papers first. The most effective approach to dealing with backlog is to avoid creating more of it! So make it your top priority to stay on top of the new paper coming into your home. Your newest paper likely contains relevant action items that you need to take care of (like bills to pay or phone calls to make), so handling this paper will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re taking care of important tasks.

Do a high-level sort. Often it’s the details that make organizing paper so difficult. ‘Should I file this under car, under auto, or under Audi?’ Avoid stalling out before you begin by categorizing paper at a high level initially. We like using the categories ‘action’, for items like bills that require an action on your part, ‘reference’, for papers like take-out menus or schedules that you refer to often, and ‘archive’, for semi-permanent and permanent records such as tax returns and birth certificates. Beginning with a high-level sort allows you to make speedy progress, and it will help you uncover important action items that may be hiding in the piles.

Keep your sorting sessions sort. Don’t try to tackle your entire backlog in a single session. Instead, grab a timer and sort paper for 15 minutes at a time. Turn your paper sorting into a game by seeing how many inches you can cut off the pike before your timer dings.

Paper can be overwhelming! If you want to learn how to create effective systems for the paper in your home, which means you’ll say goodbye to paper piles and be able to get your hands on a piece of paper whenever you need it, call us today to book your free consultation. Put an end to paper clutter and the stress that comes with it!

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