“I cannot thank you enough for your understanding of how difficult it was for me to leave my home of many years, the home I shared with my dear husband. But somehow, with the placement of my mother’s artwork on the walls, my beloved clock, record player and music in a place of honour, you created a new home for me in my retirement suite. Your special touches are everywhere I look. What Organizing Lives offers goes far deeper than a service, and I am forever grateful.” ~ Ina, Pickering

“What an amazing team of women – you are all true gems! Your efficiency and hard work this past week, always with a smile, was beyond anything I could have imagined going in to this. What you were able to accomplish in two days would have taken us weeks, if not months. It’s almost unbelievable that our house is ready to go to market, when two days prior all I could see was ‘stuff’ everywhere. What an absolute blessing to have found Organizing Lives.” ~ Karen, Toronto

“I just want to give you a big THANK YOU for today!!!!! Wow! Just wow! Our basement looks amazing!!!!! All of our boxes opened, sorted and organized – my jaw dropped when I saw the toy area and the storage room – I am just blown away with your work! I will recommend you to everyone I know!!! Thank you! ” ~ Ashleigh, Bowmanville

“Due to challenges with my health, my current house was no longer functional or safe for me. Not having moved in over 40 years, and now facing the enormous challenge of downsizing a lifelong home to prepare to sell it and move, I wasn’t sure where to begin, or how I would do it on my own. Organizing Lives was recommended by my Realtor, and upon meeting you, and seeing firsthand the professionalism of your team, I knew I was in safe hands. I had complete trust and confidence in your recommendations, and plan of action, which took into consideration and accommodated my physical limitations. Communication was quick and efficient; each task was completed with attention to detail. It was not just your physical help and knowledge that got me through this transition, but also your cheerful nature and can-do spirit, always respectful and compassionate of my situation. With your help and guidance, I trusted your expertise, and you delivered! Going above and beyond my expectations, you took charge of this monumental task to my complete satisfaction. I cannot thank Organizing Lives enough!” ~ KB, Ajax

“By creating simple systems and clearing out spaces of no-longer-needed things, Organizing Lives helped to bring comfort, safety, mobility and the ease of daily living to our retirement suite, and ultimately, to our daily lives. The ability to control the day-to-day occurrences of our lives was crucial for us to safely age in place; now our most-used items, such as food, medications, clothing, and toiletries are easily accessible, in logical locations. I cannot say enough good things about these ladies, and their outstanding work is just a part of it. With my thanks and very best wishes.” – Ken, Whitby

“I cannot say enough good things about Organizing Lives. Your kindness and understanding of my situation started with the first phone call and has lasted long after you left my now very organized home. I am living with what I need and love, with all the thanks going to your hardworking team. I expected to feel exhausted by the end of the day, but the opposite was true – I fully expect that my blood pressure will be far lower at my next doctor’s appointment, as my new space is now calm and serene. I could never have achieved the same result working with family, being that my daughter is too close to the situation, but she certainly was impressed by your work, and grateful not to have to work with Mom! Thank you again; Organizing Lives provides such a valuable service and I am grateful to have met you wonderful ladies.” ~ Shirley, Oshawa

“Organizing Lives”….your company is the BEST!! You have proven that there is really only one way to move and that is with your company’s efforts. On behalf of my family, we cannot thank you enough for your incredibly hard work, dedication to detail and your amazing ability to stage a home that is so welcoming. It was truly a very difficult task to accomplish or comprehend but you did just that and MORE with such ease! Thank you…thank you…thank you ❤ ~ Jennifer, Port Perry

“It’s a wonderful experience to work with a company that not only delivers what they promise, but exceeds it. From the moment we walked into our new apartment, it felt just like home, only better! That is saying a lot after having lived in our house for over six decades! It was all of our furniture, decor and artwork, but so beautifully staged, it looked like a spread in Better Homes and Gardens!
We wish to express our appreciation to you and the Organizing Lives team for the excellent work you did in accomplishing the move to our retirement suite. The competence with which you and your team worked while maintaining an atmosphere of friendliness, professionalism, compassion and understanding during this stressful and emotional experience exceeded our expectations. Thoughtful, kind, and always thinking ahead of our needs, Organizing Lives deserves the HIGHEST praises!” ~ J&B, Whitby

“Because I struggle with mental illness, as well as chronic pain, having Organizing Lives organize my home was like finally finding the piece of the puzzle that was missing. What you taught me – storing like with like, stopping clutter from coming in the door, and acting on my stuff on a daily basis – has been life-changing for me. Your team is wonderful – not once did I feel judged by my mess. I appreciate that you coached me to problem-solve and take action, which has given me hope that I will be able to continue to live in a lighter, more organized home. Thank you for your kindness.” ~ Lois, Oshawa

“I would refer your services to anyone, and that’s easy for me to say because it comes from my heart. Instead of disaster and chaos at the end of move day, I got the red carpet treatment as I entered my new home. My stress drained away as I looked around my new suite, perfectly set up for me to enjoy. I never could have done this move without Organizing Lives.” ~ Elsie, Oshawa

“We appreciate the ladies of Organizing Lives so much for making our move a stress-free and very easy transition; you were so caring and helpful, going the extra mile, providing more than was ever expected. It was wonderful to come into our new apartment and have everything put away and in place. We felt at home right away because our new space reflected our home of many years. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and will recommend you to everyone! Donna & Hugh, Whitby

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you. Organizing Lives provides an invaluable service to families who are overwhelmed with situations like ours. Your team works as efficiently and hard as you possibly could! I have no doubt that the same could be said about every day, and every client. The service you provided my Grandmother and assisted us with were well worth the money. I will definitely recommend your services to family and friends. Thanks again.” ~ Mathew, Oshawa

“When a change in health prompted another downsizing relocation for my parents within six months, we entrusted the details to Organizing Lives for a second time. Thank you so much for everything. We could not have done this without Organizing Lives. Your team is amazing!” ~ Susan, Toronto

“After six days of decluttering and organizing throughout our house, I am most happy with everything you accomplished. Your team is wonderful; I so enjoyed having you in my home! Thank you so much for your brilliant help; Organizing Lives is an inspiration.” ~ Elizabeth, Oshawa

“Organizing Lives is an essential part of my team when I sell a home. You recently proved, once again, why my clients and I value you so highly. Your sensitivity, experience, and skill helped an elderly couple and their family make a difficult move and you delighted everyone in the process! Thank you so much! I honestly couldn’t have done the move without you!” Jane Smythe, Real Estate Salesperson, Royal LePage Frank Real Estate Brokerage, Port Perry

“Knowing that my mother’s stuff was not simply being dumped in a landfill but in fact, that any usable items were donated to charity, was very reassuring. Organizing Lives was a godsend in helping declutter, remove and conscientiously disperse of all the unwanted household items, relieving me of an enormous responsibility, as well as stress”. ~ Marilyn, Toronto

“What an incredible job Organizing Lives did! You made unpacking and putting things back in order so much less chaotic. The movers and both of my brothers were truly impressed with your detailed and professional work. I will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone. And, I only hope you’re still in business when it’s time for me to downsize! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” ~ Judith, Toronto

“I could not have made this move without you. I walked out of my condo, and you took care of the rest. I walked into my retirement suite, and you had worked your magic. I didn’t lift a finger. You came so highly recommended; now I’m spreading the good word! Best money I’ve ever spent!” ~ Harvey, 94, Pickering

You two are miracle workers and angels. ~Terry, Aurora

Downsizing and moving from a home of 30 years to a large apartment, my Real Estate Agent recommended a mover, who in turn recommended that the packing/unpacking be done by Organizing Lives.  I met with Kim and Sandra for an estimate, not clearly understanding the extent of their services, while fearing the cost. After a thorough inspection, they presented me with an estimate which was lower than I expected and which comprised  MANY more services than I would have expected.  It did not take me long to say yes !

Then the wonders truly began. Right on time, packing day, a crew of four descended on my home.  With few clarifying instructions, all went their way and two processes began:  downsizing and packing.  I was pulled from one area to another requesting “move” or “dispose”?  Disposition could include, re purposing (donations) or complete disposal.  Whenever I doubted my decision I was guided by sound suggestions that immediately clarified my mind – what great assistance!

After a successful moving day, the Wonder Women returned to unpack my boxes into a much smaller space. Again, there was an easy flow of suggestions and adjustments.  Leaving them for other pressing matters, I returned to find WW hanging up my pictures!  They definitely had learned many of my tastes and preferences. I learned a great deal from Organizing Lives.  They are thorough professionals, they understand the stresses endured by the client, they make the process of downsizing less stressful, and they know how to manage ‘space’.  The end result was a turn-key operation, unlock the door and you’re truly home. Organizing Lives offers a remarkable service, from remarkable ladies.  I heartily recommend them. ~ Aurel, Oshawa

Thank you so much for the staging consultation you provided. It was awesome and I love your room by room list of recommendations. My client has done a 180 and is so motivated; she is now painting three rooms and moving more stuff out. The 2 of you have great energy together!  ~ Walter Miller, Re/Max Rouge River

I just want to let you know, before another week flies past, how much I enjoy and appreciate these Weekly Quick Tips of yours. They are well-written, funny, inspiring and give real, practical info and helpful suggestions for those of us suffering from…well, you know… Today I swear—before you and the Clutter Gods, that I will toss the stack of my mother’s magazines and old phone books, even though the cats like to scratch them (vs. other, potentially more valuable things). This I pledge. Keep up the invaluable work and thanks again. ~ Jane, via email

Reviews are in, and the Catholic Women’s League Loves Organizing Lives! Wow, I was swamped with our members coming up to me to say how much they loved your Downsizing Presentation last night. I have never seen a response like this before!  It was the perfect presentation for all in the room as you obviously touched most of them with your words of wisdom, advice and some clear direction as to how to proceed to “their next stage of life” in such a positive way. Many thanks Sandra and Kim…really appreciated it.  ~ Marie, Pickering

This was my 2nd time working with Organizing Lives–the team were a godsend in helping my mother downsize from her house to a seniors’ residence!  I knew they could help get my house ready for sale and then to help settle in the new house.  I had no time to do it on my own, as my job is very stressful, and we are a family of 5–let alone the stress of getting ready to move.  With a busy household, busy career, never having had the time to do annual purging/decluttering of the house led to quite the challenge.  There was so much to go through, and Organizing Lives had the energy, the boxes, and the management skills to get it done! My over-stuffed basement was decluttered and organized in two days!  I could have never done that in a month!  But as they worked, I learned that by categorizing the items, I could decide what I should keep, what needed to be tossed, and what I could donate. Once moved, with no time off from work to unpack and settle in, or even think things through, the team came back to help me prioritize the unpack, and set up the most important room in the house–the KITCHEN! It was set up to meet our needs and the team guided me on how to get things accomplished.

Organizing Lives never let me feel bad about my “stuff”, or my living conditions–they were all so respectful and helpful.  The team came with supplies to help make things organized, and showed me a different, BETTER way of setting things up. The results were:  peace of mind! I no longer felt depressed and stressed. It was successful because of their attitude, energy and ability to work as a team WITH me as well as with each other.  For me, it was a huge learning experience about how to live a better life.  I was amazed they could arrive at the new place, and KNOW where to put things – I just couldn’t think it through. ~ Monique, Oshawa

When it became apparent my parents in their 80’s could no longer live in their 2 story home we looked to Organizing Lives to help with this difficult transition. Both a real estate agent and two retirement homes suggested Organizing Lives. As the only adult child assisting my parents with the move I knew I needed help with a number of tasks. Enter Sandra and Kim, my heroes and who I lovingly refer to them now; my sisters.

OL made a very emotional move much less so. The Organizing Lives team did all the hard work and allowed me to simply support my parents.

They gently helped de-clutter a family home that my parents lived in for over 40 years. They created a floor plan for the new suite and kept all my parents favourite things. They packed, unpacked, managed the move and created a beautifully organized and cosy and safe living space at the new retirement home. They led us through a difficult situation with expertise and compassion.

Organizing Lives showed myself and my parents such compassion and dealt with everything like they were doing it for their own mom and dad. I couldn’t have asked for such amazing support or for the entire process to be so easy. You cannot do what they do yourself, even if you have unlimited family members. Organizing Lives knows their stuff; they are experts and professionals. They keep the processes going and have so many ‘tricks of the trade’ that help bring things together. Their fees are more than reasonable. I am thrilled to recommend Organizing Lives if you or your loved ones are moving. They provide such a personal service and do so in such a respectful way. I trusted Kim and Sandra and their team implicitly and felt they went above and beyond every day. I grew to rely on them and enjoy their company when I worked along- side them. These are the hardest working women I have ever had the pleasure to know. Thanks a million!!!! ~ Margaret, Pickering

My husband and I have experienced two moves in the last fourteen months; first from our home to an apartment, and most recently our apartment to a retirement residence. On both occasions we engaged the assistance of Organizing Lives.  Both times they clearly explained how they would work with us, leaving no questions unanswered about what was necessary to downsize. We have been completely satisfied and pleased with everything their execution entailed. Kim and Sandra and their team were thoughtful beyond any words we could use! We highly recommend the competence of Organizing Lives! ~ Mary & Russel, Whitby

They charged into my life like knights of old, these two young women, a sight to behold! Buried in memories, confused with the strain, with their friendly smiles, they eased my pain. There really was no way out of that mess, but with guidance and faith, they conquered the stress!  Thank you Sandra, thank you Kim, thanks to all your staff too, for making my move possible to do! ~ Daisy, 93 years young, Pickering

I simply didn’t know what to do. I had moved to a house, much larger than the condo I was living in, but still didn’t seem to have space for the ‘stuff’ I brought with me. That’s when a friend told me about Organizing Lives. What an absolute treat it was to work with their amazing team of organizers. I learned so much about how we accumulate ‘stuff’ and the importance of everything having a home. The team organized the entire main floor of my house in a very efficient and timely way. That was two years ago! I am still enjoying the benefits of having had them re-organize my home and look forward to them helping me tackle my next organizing dilemma – my crawlspace! Thanks to Sandra and Kim and the whole team. Would highly recommend their service, and have referred many others to them too. Mary B, Scarborough

We have used the services of Organizing Lives collectively as a family four times between 2011 and 2016. In the beginning it was after the sale of my parents’ home after my father’s passing. What a job that was; a lifetime of memories that Organizing Lives sorted for my Mom, patiently working alongside her in making decisions.  Mom later downsized into a retirement community with assisted living, and again turned to Kim and Sandra, who facilitated everything including taking her shopping for new smaller sized furniture. The next time we used Organizing Lives was following the passing of my in-laws. Belongings were carefully packed, inventoried and delivered to family members as well as charity. Then it was time to downsize ourselves and move to a condo. The girls helped me sort through what we would take, what we would send to cottage and what could be donated. Our priceless artefacts, artwork and light fixtures were all packed, unpacked and organized. It was completed quickly and efficiently. These ladies have been our lifesavers, time and again. Just this past winter our daughter moved and again we were grateful to have Organizing Lives as our team. My time is valuable. It would take me five times as long to do what Organizing Lives did for me in one day. You get what you pay for and Organizing Lives is worth every penny! I was able to move and then jump on a plane three days later! That was such a blessing. Thanks ladies for all your support. ~ Allison, Toronto

Burdened by the amount of work involved to sell my home and find a retirement residence to move to, all with little assistance, Organizing Lives stepped in and took away the stress so that I could focus on my husband’s health. Due to my husband’s illness, Organizing Lives rescheduled the move to accommodate a one day pack/unpack, all without missing a beat!  The beds were made, all of our possessions were put away in an organized logical fashion, and even our artwork was hung, and not a box was in sight! We woke up in one home in the morning, and went to bed in another due to the efficiency of Organizing Lives and their team. ~ Maggie, Newcastle

Thank you Kim and Sandra for the enthusiasm and expertise you brought us with your timely Lunch & Learn session. You’ve given us all some wonderful tips and ideas on downsizing! ~ Wendy, on behalf of CARP Scarborough

Being faced with the task of combining two households was a large undertaking, creating a lot of anxiety, and leaving us all feeling overwhelmed. After our first meeting with Kim and Sandra we knew we were not alone; the task of moving into our dream home was a manageable reality. Organizing Lives created and executed an action plan that was like a well-oiled machine. The task of purging was therapeutic for us; it was a fresh start and we felt we no longer needed to hang on to “stuff”! It was unbelievable how easy our move was! The team came in, packed up, and were on the other end to unpack boxes, organize our belongings and set up systems in our new home. It is so much easier to keep things organized and things are put back in the logical easy places.

If our lives begin to get busy and cluttered with “stuff” again we will be sure to call Organizing Lives. We could not have been more pleased with the results. Thank you Kim, Sandra and your wonderful team! ~ Sharon, Eric and the Girls, Whitby

Thank you, Kim and Sandra! Your work made it possible for our father, a senior citizen, to achieve a goal he recently set for himself: to move out of his suburban house, where he had lived for over 50 years, and relocate to a much smaller living space in a retirement community.

 It was clear early on that our family needed your expertise in order to handle the daunting “to do” list involved in this huge undertaking. You came up with a sensible plan, one that took into consideration our father’s particular situation and requirements, and provided ongoing support and answers to our many questions along the way – all while meeting the specific timelines that such a move entails.

 Most importantly for us, you treated our father and his possessions – a lifetime’s worth – with respect and care.  Our father was in excellent hands with you and we will be pleased to recommend you to others who need your services! ~ Suzanne, Ajax

Kim & Sandra and the entire team at Organizing Lives have done a fantastic job at assisting new residents into our retirement residence. They are kind, professional, and they do not hesitate to go the extra mile in lending a hand. They have assisted many new residents into our residence and we have heard positive feedback from many families. They have developed relationships with our residents and family members and are well known in our community. If you are looking for a ‘worry free’ move, they are the ones to call!  ~ Kelly, Pickering City Centre (Chartwell) Retirement Residences 

I want to say a special thank you to Organizing Lives for assisting me with downsizing and moving my client to a retirement home. Kim and Sandra took the time to explain the process to my client who was very comfortable afterwards to have them come to her condo and assist her with her move. Kim and Sandra completed their work with my client very successfully. My client moved to the retirement home with all her possessions in place, pictures hung on the walls and personal items all in her drawer. It was so welcoming when everything was in place that my client felt comfortable in her new home immediately. Thank you once again.  ~ Magda Zecevic, Master- Accredited Senior Agent, CPCA, SRES, Royal LePage Signature Realty

“My Mum lived in her home for over 50 years and for almost the last 40 years she was alone. She had a love affair with her house that was strong and deep. When she turned 90 she realized that the dreaded time had arrived when she’d have to sell her home and downsize. Unfortunately, none of Mum’s relatives lived nearby. The closest was a two hour drive and her remaining two children lived thousands of kilometers away. Fortunately, Kim and Sandra and their company, Organizing Lives, were there and thank goodness they were.”

“For Mum to sell her house and downsize was a traumatic, gut-wrenching and highly emotional time. Kim and Sandra met with Mum several times before moving day and a couple of times afterward. They were gentle yet strong and understanding yet focused. They were caring towards Mum and sensitive to her needs. These needs, among a long list of things, included working with her to choose what to pack and bring to her new apartment, staging her house for sale and staging her apartment when she moved in. They helped Mum to realize what she could and couldn’t take with her. Then through their system of networks, they helped Mum determine that what she couldn’t take was properly and effectively disposed.”

“Sandra and Kim have fostered connections so the tasks that are not directly in their job description were also handled professionally and humanely.”

“The downsizing process is way more traumatic, considerably more time-consuming and incredibly more daunting than I ever imagined it would be. For me, my brother, other relatives and friends, we were so fortunate to have had the services of Organizing Lives. We simply could not have managed without them. Their fee is very reasonable but the value of their service far exceeds any dollar amount.”

“I am so pleased I met Kim and Sandra and these few months after everything is finalized I still silently thank them so much. Use Organizing Lives, you will not be disappointed. ” Don, Edmonton

“My Mother and I recently had the pleasure of working with Kim and Sandra of Organizing Lives. Kim and Sandra were extremely kind to my Mother and their professionalism made us feel very confident in allowing them to take control of the move from start to finish. What could have been a very traumatizing and exhausting situation was handled with ease by these ladies and their team. What a great feeling it is to walk into your new suite and feel you have just moved into a model home; everything looked great, and organized too! We would highly recommend Kim and Sandra.” Marie & Barbara, Pickering

“Your timing is impeccable! I have just spent the morning sorting through stuff…I was going great guns for about an hour and a half – suddenly I hit a brick wall. Nope, I don’t want to part with that or I just can’t do it…your advice is perfect!!! I’ll tackle more tomorrow. Thanks so much for all your good advice. I have a special file on my computer where I put all of the Organizing Lives Weekly Tips…yes; I do refer back to them for inspiration and ideas. Thank you again!” Cheryl, Port Perry

“Thank you so much Ladies! I went into my pantry to get pancake mix this morning and had to go back another couple of times just to take it all in. I am so thrilled with the shelving you suggested. This is the “shot in the arm” I needed – I have been in a rut trying to move forward. I feel like I have been rejuvenated by you two and can better complete what little is left to do. Hugs to you both!” Dawn, Uxbridge

“Many thanks for the extraordinary effort you put in to my client’s move. You helped calm a very fragile frightened woman, assisting her in moving forward with her life. She sings your praises loudly! I will continue to refer whoever I can to you. Warmest thanks.” Karen Seltzer, Royal LePage Community Realty, Toronto

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my mom through this potentially overwhelming move to her new apartment, and the freedom from stuff and clutter. You both are the best, and I know that nothing any of us do in our businesses is achieved alone ~ thank you to your whole team!” Michelle, Newcastle

“My mom and dad are so pleased that their new retirement suite looks and feels just like home! My family is very grateful for your ability to pull this all together in such a tight timeline. You do such a wonderful job, and you both should be proud of what an amazing business Organizing Lives is!” Mary Jane, Oshawa

“Caring, professional and reliable…referring Organizing Lives is ‘win-win’ for me. As my ‘go to’ Stagers and Downsizing Team, it is Kim and Sandra’s ability to co-ordinate an entire project for my clients that set them apart. Organizing Lives ‘one-stop-shop’ not only offers a wide range of services as Professional Organizers, Certified Stagers and Senior Move Managers, they have built a team of trusted trades and resources to further compliment their work.” Trudi Johnston, M-ASA, Re/Max All-Stars, Toronto

“Living independently in her Oshawa home since my father’s passing when she was 58; my 96 year old mother’s health had begun to deteriorate. With my sister in BC, and me living in Brampton, her move to a nursing home was overwhelming for our family. A social worker colleague of mine referred Organizing Lives, and from the very first reassuring and comforting phone call, I knew I was in good hands; we would get through this together! Genuinely caring, empathetic, and kind, Kim and Sandra accommodated our quick timeline. Within days a visit was made to the nursing home in Brampton, a floor-plan was created, then my mom’s belongings were packed, unpacked and her new suite was set up. Any apprehension we had was squashed the moment we walked into the room. Set up beautifully, with little evidence of an institution setting, my mom loved it! It felt like home! Kim and Sandra were truly our guardian angels, and I highly recommend them to anyone going through a life transition; not only does Organizing Lives fulfill the needs of a physical move, but Kim and Sandra’s emotional support was immeasurable.” Jan, Brampton

“Moving from my house of many years to a retirement residence was so overwhelming; I had no idea where to start. Referred to me by the retirement residence, Organizing Lives provided me much more than a stress-free transition. They also staged my home, helping me realize a quick sale and maximizing its’ equity, co-ordinated a painter, suggested a ‘Senior Accredited’ Realtor, and brought in a furniture buyer for my excess furniture. It became evident very early on the scope of what their service could offer. I would have had to hire multiple businesses, a logistical nightmare, to carry out what Organizing Lives was able to do for me, settling me into my retirement suite with little work, and much peace of mind, on my part. Upon meeting Kim and Sandra of Organizing Lives, it was clear that they had my best interests at heart, and I quickly trusted their experience and expertise in life transitions. We formed a bond that has outlived my move, and still exists to this day, as I enjoy their visits on a regular basis.” Herbert, Pickering

“Marguerite, my mother in law, decided it was time to move; also deciding the date and place she would be moving to. The unfortunate part was none of our family was available to assist with the move when she wanted it done. I called Organizing Lives and from the moment they met my mother-in-law, my mother-in-law was convinced that Kim and Sandra were going to do a great job. Organizing Lives ever so carefully packed everything, created a floor-plan, booked elevators and movers, attending to every detail. Upon entering her new home, she was absolutely amazed at how homey it looked, with everything carefully placed and organized, right down to the beautiful bouquet of flowers on her dining table. I have never seen such a huge smile on her face! She turned and looked at me and said “I feel like I am home”. That statement made me feel very grateful to Kim and Sandra, as I had never heard her say that before. Thank you Kim and Sandra for turning what was a potentially challenging move into an extremely easy transition; you two are the best!” Debbie, Ajax

“A few years ago I heard a presentation by Kim and Sandra about downsizing; I was immediately impressed by them and the service they were offering. I thought that if/when it came time for me to move, Organizing Lives is who I’d call.

The time for me to move came a few months ago and I called Kim and Sandra right away. Their friendly, caring manner assured me they understood, not only the physical strain of a move but also the emotional aspects involved. Most of us find it hard to part with “things”, as well as the place we may have lived for many years. So having these women listen and understand eased so much of the stress involved. They observed carefully how I lived and what furnishings I had, creating a floor-plan for my new home to fit that criteria.

Moving day came with little effort on my part. I arrived at my new home later that day to a fully furnished suite ~ pictures were hung; linens were on my bed; cupboards and closets were organized, with everything in a logical, well thought- out spot. I felt ‘at home’ immediately! What an amazing moving experience! I am so grateful these caring women provided such a great service!”  Helen, Pickering

“I cannot do my job without the help of Organizing Lives! As a Realtor, I offer the services of Organizing Lives with every listing contract. There is no question that when Kim and Sandra stage one my listings, it increases the value of my client’s property. Many of my clients are older seniors and need support with downsizing into their new homes. Organizing Lives has made a huge difference in the lives of my clients, with many of them remarking that they truly didn’t know what they would have done if it had not been for Kim and Sandra. Their passion, dedication and understanding is priceless, making what seems to be a huge task an easy transition. Kim and Sandra are true professionals, possessing the knowledge and know-how to get the job done seamlessly – with a support team to help them with every situation – no matter what. What I truly admire about these two amazing women is that they CARE. Thanks Kim and Sandra for looking after my clients. I always know they are in good hands. ” Sue Driver, Sales Representative, Royal LePage Frank Real Estate

“I found myself in a desperate situation, and Organizing Lives came to my rescue. My senior mother made a long distance move from a house into a 2 bedroom apartment. We realized she had to downsize, so we got rid of a lot of ‘stuff’. However, after we got everything into the apartment, we knew we were in trouble. We had way too many things and not enough space to put it all. We were in a sea of boxes with no place to put anything and emotions and tempers were getting the better of us. We were lost and completely overwhelmed. Kim and Sandra saw the mess we were in and with great sensitivity, kindness, and with their professional communication and organizational skills, they talked mom through the downsizing part of her move. They unpacked boxes, organized the entire place, arranged for an antique dealer to visit, took items for donation and removed garbage and the packing boxes and papers. Within 3 days, mom was living in her new home! It was the most horrific move I have ever made and I can’t thank Kim and Sandra enough for stepping in, graciously taking control and, with lots of encouragement, turning a bad situation into a good one.” Cathie, Whitby

“We recently faced the daunting task of moving my 90 year old Mom to a Seniors Residence after living in her condominium apartment for over 30 years. The Residence handed me a copy of Reduce Resize REVIVE, a downsizing book written by Kim and Sandra of Organizing Lives, and said that we may find this useful for your Mom’s move and transition. No truer words could be spoken! We contracted Organizing Lives to handle every aspect of mom’s move to her new retirement suite. They were incredible at steering Mom through a wish list of personal items and furniture to keep or pass on. Downsizing, never mind the trauma of moving, was handled with care and dignity every step of the way. I can tell you that their services were worth every penny. If you are faced with the responsibility of moving a loved one, contact Sandra and Kim to help you through the process. They are life savers!!” Chris, Pickering

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did for my father-in-law! When we got the call that he would be moving to a retirement residence in January, we were very happy, but also very worried about how we would manage the move and get rid of 45 years worth of stuff – especially at Christmas time! You made the job so easy and stress-free, we couldn’t believe it. You looked after everything – helping him decide what to take, measuring the furniture & creating a floor plan, packing, arranging for the movers, unpacking… And the final result was amazing. We walked into his new suite and it looked like home – only better! You paid attention to where his pictures had been hung in the house and set everything up so that it was familiar to him. Once he had time to settle in, he told us how happy he was with the job you did. But that wasn’t the end of your job. You & your team disposed of the remaining contents of the house – selling to an antique dealer, donating to charity, and taking the rest away as landfill. It was a huge job and we are so glad that we found you; you made a stressful time so much easier for my father-in-law, and we cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind you provided!” Vicki, Pickering

“Due to health considerations, I had decided to sell my condo in the downtown core and relocate to a retirement residence in the suburbs. I knew it was a giant undertaking and the thought of what this move would entail, along with what to do with my abundance of furnishings and substantial art collection, was overwhelming. After meeting Kim and Sandra of Organizing Lives, I felt quite comfortable in handing all my concerns over to them, and it was a decision I will never regret.

Kim and Sandra worked with professionalism, giving expert advice on downsizing, as well as the disposal of unwanted items. Communications were excellent throughout the process. On the day of the move Kim and Sandra were onsite directing the movers, unpacking boxes and organizing my new suite. When it was completed, I walked into my new home with complete satisfaction; my greatest joy was to see how my they artfully placed and displayed my art collection.

Thanks to Kim and Sandra, the move was completely stress-free. Without any hesitation I would heartily recommend the services of Organizing Lives.” Mo, Pickering

“Two things are consistent when Kim and Sandra stage a property I have listed: the house sells very quickly and for close to, and often over the asking price. While editing with a design element is evident, the source of the warmth they bring to each and every home is difficult to pinpoint. Organizing Lives Staging is well-crafted & transforming, always tipping my listed properties over the edge and gets them sold!” Daniel MacLellan, Remax All–Stars Realty

“Just wanted to share that my house sold in one day at 99% of the asking price! Many thanks to you both for your grace, sensitivity and great taste in helping me stage my property!” Shelley, Ajax

“When our mom decided to downsize from her bungalow to a retirement residence, she hired Organizing Lives to help with the move. Kim and Sandra met with mom and developed a plan based on her needs. Their professional, caring manner was so reassuring to our mom and this helped allay the overwhelming anxiety she had been feeling. Organizing Lives was such a support to us as a family. Knowing they were taking care of the details of the move, including packing and unpacking, meant we had more time to support mom. Kim and Sandra oversaw everything on moving day which meant mom could spend this day as stress-free as possible.

They so beautifully set up mom’s new place; her furniture and belongings were arranged in such a way that it felt like home to her and yet they added their own touch which meant everything looked so beautiful! Using Organizing Lives was one of the best decisions we made. Knowing someone else was caring for so many details of the move was such a support and most of all, made this transition so much easier for our mom.” Debbie, Oshawa

“I am absolutely thrilled with your work! Organizing Lives support made my relocation from Vancouver to Toronto seamless! I will be sure to share with my Realtor so she can spread the good word!” Dr. Michael Levis, Toronto

“Always going beyond that which would normally be expected or even hoped for, these two ladies have, over a period of more than three years, not only provided an absolutely essential service to me and my family – but established a bond with my mother that helped immeasurably in getting her through some of the most wrenching moments of her life. For those reading this testimony – the decision to use Organizing Lives should always be viewed through the lens of service, compassion, understanding and trust. The issue of cost should always be secondary. I cannot recommend Kim & Sandra too highly – their services were invaluable.” Rob Mellon, Ottawa

“When my 90 year old father decided it was time to move to a retirement home from his home of 60 years, a friend referred me to “Organizing Lives”. What started as a daunting task quickly became manageable – and most importantly, I was able to keep my focus on my father and his well-being. Kim and Sandra gave us all the solutions we needed. They provided an assessment of what was required to make the move, put us in contact with professionals to help us dispose of unwanted items and others to prepare the house for sale. The day of the move they set up his new home with the furniture and items he chose to bring with him, in such a way that it truly seemed like he was “coming home”. They even referred us to a Real Estate agent they felt would be a good “fit” for my dad. From the time we made the decision to move to the time the house was sold – one month! What stood out to me however, through this whole experience, was the care demonstrated by both Sandra and Kim for my dad. They took time to listen to his concerns, explain the options and process in a way he could understand, and did it professionally and with a sense of humour! Words like “God-send” and “painless” come to mind. I can’t imagine how I would have managed this process without the help and guidance of Kim and Sandra and Organizing Lives. By the time we finished I really felt like I had known them for years and they were true friends. With confidence, I have passed their names along to others I know who will be facing similar circumstances in the near future.” Barb Dermott, Oakville

“As an elderly senior, my house had become too much for me to care for. I knew that I needed to move into a retirement residence. I was feeling overwhelmed with the huge task of sizing down from a large bungalow to a suite. I needed help! When I was told about “Organizing Lives”, my family and I phoned them and asked them to come and describe their service. When they finished talking with us, I knew I had the answer to my dilemma. These two women, Kim and Sandra, were always considerate and compassionate regarding my concerns and anxiety. They always gave me opportunity to think through my decisions and I never felt pressured or rushed. When moving day came, I had nothing to do but wait until they called me to come and see my new home. I walked into a suite where everything was in place, right down to the smallest of details. My furniture and belongings were tastefully arranged and it truly looked and felt like home—many thanks to Kim and Sandra who made it happen.” Shirley, Oshawa

“I have such a sense of satisfaction that this life-changing transition for my mom went so smoothly, due in large to your professional, efficient, yet caring manner of conducting business. Organizing Lives staging of my mom’s home of 30 years vastly improved its’ marketability; we were able to list and sell within two weeks. At all times you both were helpful and sensitive to my mom’s needs, readily responsive to any questions or concerns. Organizing Lives has surpassed my expectations! Thank you.” Rita, Chicago

“Organizing Lives is the perfect name for your company, as that is precisely what you did for clients of mine who had reached the time in their lives where moving and scaling down were the right thing to do. A difficult time for most people was made simple by your quick assessment and plan for enhancing their home; you made the home shine in the best possible light resulting in a quick sale and a good price. Your services also took care of the dreaded job of removing family treasures that have long since lost their function, helping to ease the trauma by doing this after my clients had already moved out of the home. For my part, personally, you were always available to help out regarding any scheduling issue and when asked, you provided any needed input pertaining to marketing. We became a team, which was a pleasure and our results were great!!” Terry Haas, Realtor, Sutton Bayview Realty

“Now that there is a lull between getting the house ready to sell and getting ready to move I have a moment to send you a thank you. Thanks to your positive direction, we were able to get the house prepared to be listed in the short time that we had. Our Realtor was amazed by the transformation! The house was listed on the Thursday and sold unconditionally on the Saturday afternoon after multiple offers.
We continue to speak highly of your company and especially how you both took such great efforts to be realistic in what could be done in such a short period of time while still allowing us to make the house presentable for showings. Thank you again.” Colin and Lucia, Whitby

“Your services exceeded my expectations! Due to illness and travel commitments, we could have never achieved our goal of preparing our home for sale without your help. Your team’s sensitive, respectful, and discreet approach has left us feeling positive and relieved. I have and will continue to recommend your services to friends and neighbours. We sold in less than four days with multiple offers!” Lisa, Leaside

“Organizing Lives provided so much more than organization. I was overwhelmed by the chaos that came with divorce. I struggled with where to start and what to do with what I had. My home had become a stressful burden. Kim and Sandra’s professional manner and sensitive inventory of my needs allowed me to relax and trust the process. The outcome of their intensive and creative energy was an amazing transformation. Closets, drawers, cupboards, files and clutter are now clean and simple, and, in a personal way I was freed from the ‘stuff’and able to focus on my family and myself.” Victoria, Whitby

“Even though we moved over two years ago ~ our third downsizing ~ we were still overrun with furniture and possessions; the rooms in our home lacked definition, as our belongings and extra furniture were everywhere. A huge weight on my shoulders, I was overwhelmed and truly didn’t know where to begin. Organizing Lives transformed my home into the uncluttered comfortable space that my husband and I so deserve. The end result? I am rejuvenated and at peace, able to finally relax and enjoy my home. Organizing Lives helped me to move forward, free of the burden of my stuff. My only regret? I waited too long to call them.” Brenda, Oshawa

“I want to sincerely thank Organizing Lives for providing us with such wonderful service. Once Kim and Sandra staged our house, it sold in one showing at 100% of the asking price! Without the implementation of their impeccable design and organizational suggestions, it just wouldn’t have been possible. Organizing Lives transformed our home into a very attractive house for potential buyers. In fact, the buyer even commented how much she loved the house because of the way it was decorated ~ its’ simple clean lines, warm and inviting, and yet not overdone. Kim and Sandra were both such a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to all my family and friends.
Thanks for everything!!” Lara & Savio, Brooklin

“What a pleasure to work with Organizing Lives! While it was difficult to see the changes being made to a home that I lived and raised a family in for almost forty years, the end result was fantastic and helped me deal emotionally with the upcoming move to my new condominium and the next stage of my life. My house sold and closed quickly, so having this proven company pack up my belongings was an easy decision; my only regret is that I didn’t have Organizing Lives unpack me as well, as my aching, ageing back will certainly attest to.” Philomena, Markham

“Organizing Lives transformed my client’s home into a house for sale in the market in no time at all. Easygoing, obliging and expedient, Kim and Sandra were up against a tight deadline to stage the home so I could get it on the market ~ and they delivered. Professional and understanding, Organizing Lives was gentle with my client, which in turn put her at ease to trust the process. The transformed house sold at 96% of the asking price within a matter of days!” Joan, Sales Representative, Remax First Realty, Pickering

“Where would I be without Organizing Lives? Failing to recognize that moving would be more challenging, both physically and emotionally, than it was 10 years ago, I began to panic as my moving day was quickly approaching. After one phone call to Organizing Lives, my mind was put to rest, and my condo was packed, inventoried and waiting for the movers to pick it up the next day. Respectful, nurturing and sensitive to my needs, Kim and Sandra were nonjudgmental, and helped me to feel okay about the situation I was in. They love their work ~ and it is work! ~ and are worth every penny!” Linda, Whitby

“As a realtor, I feel that part of my competitive edge is my ability to provide my clients with a ‘full package’ of services. As an added value to my listing clients, I offer a complimentary Home Staging Consultation with Kim and Sandra from Organizing Lives. Supporting my business and marketing plan, Kim and Sandra reinforce my brand, and enhance my selling process, sharing similar business ethics and morals. Approachable and friendly with my clients, Kim and Sandra are effective at creating a feeling of emotional attachment in the houses they stage, encouraging potential buyers to ‘fall in love’ with the house. Their subtle yet effective changes in the house increase its’ sale-ability. When I go back to list the properties that Organizing Lives have consulted on or staged for my clients, I am at times hard-pressed to say exactly what they’ve done, but the overall feel of the house has changed; warm and inviting, their work clearly defines the benefits of investing in staging. Organizing Lives ability to transform my clients’ houses has resulted in minimal listing times and close to the asking price every time!” Leeland, Sales Representative, Remax First, Whitby

“When I decided to move after 30-odd years in my home, I knew it was to be a huge undertaking; every detail seemed overwhelming. I felt completely comfortable handing over the details to Kim and Sandra. Together they are a combination of calm, caring, professional individuals, who, in my opinion, work with the diligence of moving mountains, and yet I felt I had only scaled a small hill; I gladly handed over my anxiety and stress surrounding the move to them and they conquered it with ease. My home sold very quickly, within a week, with no price reductions, due in large part to the work the ladies did de-cluttering and staging my home. My home became a house, and its’ change from something familiar helped me disconnect from it, grieve it and move on to the next chapter of my life. I am truly grateful for the outstanding job Organizing Lives did for me and would highly recommend their services.” Sheila, Ajax

“I really struggled with wanting to be in the space because of the clutter and disorder, so my kids would often be in the playroom alone. Now I can’t wait to get down to that table and play games or do homework with them. It feels so much better. The order that was brought to my chaos has improved my mood, and my desire to work. Thank you Organizing Lives for liberating me from my clutter.” Trisha, Whitby

“I have had the pleasure of working with Organizing Lives and I have to say that the experience was amazing! Kim and Sandra exhibited a professionalism that is rarely found. They were punctual, did what they said they would do and kept within budget. I am totally thrilled with the results and have decided to continue to work with them to help me stay organized. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any of my clients or colleagues. I know they’ll be well taken care of in the professional manner that they are accustomed to.” Rob, Real Estate Broker, Ajax

“I’m so excited about my new office I can hardly stand it. So much so that I transgressed a bit this morning ~ I took out your beautiful Zen-like postcard that was so neatly filed away and tucked it in front of the pretty wicker basket that you placed on my desk. I want to savour the feeling of my bright and airy new office and be reminded every morning of what a functional office can look like. You are both such wonderful and talented ladies and I consider myself so fortunate to have benefited from your services. Not to mention all the fun and cheer that you bring along with you. You’ve motivated my husband too, with your charm and remarkable work. So much so that he said that he’d like to hire you to tackle the basement. Bring it on!! Thank you for such a delightful experience and life-and-home transforming service! It will be a thrill to see what you do with our basement!” Diana, Ajax

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