Weekly Quick Tips

Simple Projects to Make the Seasonal Transition a Smoother One

May always feels like the month in which we turn a corner. No matter what April brings, by the time May rolls  around it’s clear that summer isn’t far off. This turning point is the perfect opportunity to organize yourself and your home away from winter and toward the warmer months ahead.

  1. Switch out clothes ~ Since we live in a climate that sees all four seasons, take some time as spring dips into summer to bring your warm weather clothes front and centre and to put away gear for the cooler months. Instead of simply stuffing your drawers and closets with summer clothes, take the time to look through things and try them on. Anything that no longer fits, doesn’t suit your style, is worn or torn beyond repair, or that you didn’t wear at least once last summer should be destined for the giveaway or toss pile. The same holds for winter clothes you’re putting into storage; make a conscious decision to keep only those things you like, wear, and truly need.
  2. Organize your luggage ~ Summer tends to mean travel, which itself means pulling your suitcases out of hibernation. Overcome your fear of a toppling pile of luggage by getting it organized. Start by gathering every travel-related bag you have together in one spot, and then put each one through its paces. Is it in good condition with no sizeable rips or tears, no broken zippers, no missing wheels or straps? Is it easy to handle and navigate when it’s full? Have you used it within the past few years? If it can’t pass each of these tests, bid it bon voyage. Once you’ve gone through your collection, store your bags in a clean dry place, and make the suitcases you use most frequently the easiest to access, and consider nesting smaller bags insider larger ones to save space.
  3. Reconnect with your outdoor gear ~ Get ready for outdoor activities by reacquainting yourself with the supplies you have. Spend some time gathering together this equipment from wherever you might have it stored and sort it into rough categories such as sports gear, patio furniture and so on. Ask yourself the all important questions: Do I need it? Did I use it at all last summer? Is it in good repair? Do you have more versions of it than you’ll realistically ever use? (two dozen lawn chairs anyone?!) Once you’ve determined what’s truly worth keeping, distribute things close to where you’ll use them.

Once you’re organized for summer, take some time to relax outside with a cold drink and think about how enjoyable and stress-free the season will be!Copyright © 2013 Organizing Lives ® All rights are reserved and no part of this article may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means unless expressly stated otherwise, or except with the written permission of Organizing Lives®. Enquires should be directed to: info@orgliv.mybusinesshub.ca