Clearing the clutter is essential to be more with less, and just because you don’t see your clutter, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. That may sound like an obvious statement, but in fact, most people think that the clutter lurking in the attic, basement and off-site storage doesn’t affect them. Thanks to a world of storage units, bigger houses, and Rubbermaid we are no longer forced to deal with our clutter. We have countless options for storing it and holding onto it for years and years to come. You can into colour coded bins, baskets, and well packed boxes, but it’s still clutter. 

The main problem with storing clutter instead of eliminating it is hidden clutter is one of the hardest types of clutter to deal with. Once it’s out of sight, it’s far too easy to ignore it. “Out of sight, out of mind” as the saying goes. Yet it’s not completely out of our minds, is it? When you have a hidden clutter issue, you’ll have these random thoughts or pangs of guilt that rise to the surface. Something like, “Ugh, I really need to clean out the garage this weekend.” or “Wow, I didn’t remember the basement looking this bad.” If you’re dumping money down the drain on a storage unit, you kick yourself every month you send in that payment. Where is your hidden clutter hiding? The attic? Garage? Spare bedroom? Shed? Trunk of your car? Storage rental? Closets?

So what’s the secret to eliminating your hidden clutter problem? Bring your hidden clutter into the light and deal with it NOW. Don’t let it continue to hide. Hidden clutter gets its power by staying hidden. When you don’t see your clutter for long periods of time, it will convince you it is: 1) important stuff you need to hold onto and 2) an overwhelmingly huge job you don’t have time for.The good news is that is often not the case at all. Just dive in and tackle one box at a time. You’ll feel great at the progress you make and realize you’re holding onto a lot of things you don’t need.

And what  do learn from clearing away that hidden clutter? Loads! Just ask our clients! The lessons learned:

Evolution – If you can let go of the same stuff you’ve held onto for years, even though you moved it from province to province or house to house,  and never took it out of the box, you are starting to understand that your stuff doesn’t define you, and that you have enough.

Hidden meaning – Look at what’s in your ‘keep’ pile. Are there hobbies or passions, things you haven’t taken time for, waiting for you? This collection of goods that you cannot part with tells you something about your life.

Kids don’t want the clutter either – Now is time to drop the, “I’m saving this for my children” excuse. Make your kids part of this process. Chances are they won’t want to keep her 84 stuffed animals, baby clothes or other items your was “saving for her”. It was fun to take a walk down memory lane, but getting rid of the stuff, does not get rid of her childhood.

Clutter attracts clutter – As you start clearing the clutter, you will feel compelled to go through your house and get rid of more. We see the ‘shift’ happen with all of our clients. However, …likewise, if you bring more clutter into your home, it will multiply.

Clearing the clutter that you don’t see every day will be nothing less than liberating! All of that stuff that you have hidden away weighs you down and holds you back. Let it go, and make room for good stuff (which might not be stuff at all)!


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