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Seven Myths That Keep You Stuck In Clutter


If you’re surrounded by clutter then it’s likely you’ve fallen for some sneaky little myths. Banish them! Here’s a healthy dose of reality to help with your myth-busting.

Myth #1: I Need Storage Systems So I Can Declutter

Reality: Storage systems and containers can be a trap. Because they’re related to organizing, they trick you into feeling virtuous while actually adding to the quantity of stuff in your life. We call it ‘container clutter’. They’re generally adding work by collecting dust, and almost always mask the fact that you have way more stuff than you need… only now it’s located in dusty, bins and containers. Rarely do we organize a house that doesn’t have loads of organizing products at the ready, and sadly, most of them never get used. Only after you’ve done an honest declutter should you go venture out to the big box retailer of all things ‘organizing’….

Myth #2: I Can’t Get Rid Of Anything I May Need One Day

Reality: Yes you might declutter something and then later want it – that part is true. But the implied myth is that you’ll somehow fall apart if that happens. Guess what – you won’t. You’ll have to buy it again – a small expense compared to the sanity of getting rid of chaos and clutter. Or you’ll do without it – again, a minor inconvenience compared to a clutter-free life. Either way, you’ll be absolutely fine.

Myth #3: All My Clutter Must Go to the Perfect Place

Reality: If you’re drowning in stuff and it’s costing you happy relationships and mental and physical health, then the perfect place for your clutter is anywhere outside your life. If your stuff is worth money, and you want to take the time listing it online or organizing a garage sale, then do that. If your stuff is in good condition then take it to your local charity store and be done with it.

Myth #4: One Day I’ll Fix It/Fit Into It/Want To Use It

Reality: Life is busy and you’ll probably never fix it. If you lose weight you can treat yourself to cute new outfits that are fresh and modern. If you haven’t wanted to use it for ages then you’ve likely moved on. And anyway, see Myth #2 above. Seriously, life it short. Let it all go, be happy, move on. You’ll be glad you did.

Myth #5: I Have To Keep It Because It Was a Gift

Reality: For most givers it’s the giving, not the gift, that matters. People give you a thing to represent that they like you. Appreciate the liking, but don’t feel pressured to keep the thing. If you don’t love it and won’t wear/use/enjoy it, thenlet go of unloved gifts.

Myth #6: I Need It To Stay Connected To The Past

Reality: For the mementos and keepsakes that have most meaning, or best represent your memories, create memory boxes. Their limited size means you’ll have to keep culling the most precious items if you want to add more. For other stuff, recognize that you may be letting your past crowd out your present. Choose to embrace today and let the past have a special, but not overwhelming, place in your life.

Myth #7: I Need To Be Organized Before I Can Declutter

Reality: It’s far easier to get organized and stay organized when you have less stuff. Decluttering is always the first action step, and it begins by sorting your ‘stuff’ into ‘like items’. Once you see how many of _______ you have, then you’re able to get rid of what you don’t need, and only then you’ll have more space for organizing the things you decide to keep. Attempting to organize before decluttering is an exercise in futility.

 Are you ready to bust your myths and declutter your life? Which of these myths have kept you stuck in clutter?Are you ready to bust them and move forward to the simplified life you, and your family deserve?

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