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Weekly Quick Tips #40 – September, 2013

Rev Up Your Morning Routine

We are now well-entrenched in back-to-school and back-to-work; the lazy days of summer are behind us, and routine is in the forefront. Or is it?

How’s your morning routine working for you? Are you always late? Do you end up driving the kids to school ‘one last time’ because they’ve missed the bus, again? Do you come home to a sink full of dishes and a house full of unmade beds? Here are our top tips to get you out the door faster, less frazzled, and to your destination on time.

1. Plan what you wear, and what your kids will wear, the night before. Lay out your entire outfit the night before, and keep it simple by streamlining your wardrobe, having only what you love and what fits in your closet, and choosing wrinkle-free fabrics so ironing is kept to a minimum. When it comes to kids, buy a hanging five compartment closet shelf, and together, decide on a week’s worth of outfits on Sunday evening.null

2. Create tomorrow’s to-do list tonight. If tomorrow’s to-do list runs through your mind  instead of sheep as you attempt to sleep, create that to-do list, on paper, before you put your head to the pillow. This will allow you a clear mind so you can sleep better, and also keep you on track the next day.

3. Keep distractions to a minimum. Resist the temptation to watch your favourite morning show as you get ready, and fight that urge to take a ‘quick minute’ to check your email. These actions are morning time suckers, and will always take much more time than you think. If you MUST check email, set a timer, and step away when the time is up.null

4. Mind the time. Place a clock in the bathroom, kitchen or any other area where you spend most of your time in the morning. It’s easy to lose track of time.null

5. Have a healthy, speedy breakfast. Set the timer and have your coffee ready when the alarm goes off. If your children are old enough, make breakfast self-serve by having grab-n-go essentials on hand, such as bananas, apples, almonds, low-fat muffins, energy bars, yogurt, granola and hard-boiled eggs.

6. Give your keys a home. Don’t waste time every morning searching for your keys. Keep them in a designated home such as a hook, a basket or a bowl, and put them there as soon as your arrive home.

7. Simplify your morning ‘beauty’ routine. Have the kids shower at night, and choose cosmetics that do double-duty so you’re spending less time in front of the mirror.null

8. Make your bed every morning. There is no denying that this less than three minute task sets the tone for the day.

How you begin the day has a direct impact to how you’ll experience the rest of the day. If practised faithfully, eventually these tips will become habits, leading to a calmer, more organized start to the day![vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_separator][vc_column_text]Copyright © 2013 Organizing Lives ® All rights are reserved and no part of this article may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means unless expressly stated otherwise, or except with the written permission of Organizing Lives®. Enquires should be directed to: info@orgliv.mybusinesshub.ca