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Weekly Quick Tips #38 – September, 2013

Ready for a Fresh Start?

Even if it feels nothing like fall, back to school and back to work, which means back to routine, are here! As with any time of transition, a dose of organizing goes a long way in smoothing out the rough edges. This week’s tip is devoted to helping you ease back into the routine. For us, September has always been as much about starting fresh and new goal setting as January has. Right around this time each year, many of us begin to crave change… a fresh start, a change of scenery, a new routine. The great thing about this craving is that it is energizing. As the temperatures begin to cool down, energy levels go up.  Ready to begin new projects and freshen up your home a bit? It’s our pre-fall version of New Year’s resolutions!

If you’re craving a fresh start, too, just ahead are some ideas to satisfy your craving by reenergizing your home, your schedule and your life.

  • Declutter your flat surfaces. Nothing energizes a space like some quick and simple surface decluttering. Clear your flat surfaces by grabbing a timer and an empty container. Set your timer for seven minutes and spend this time filling your container with anything you see that doesn’t belong in the room you are in. When the timer dings, reset it for eight minutes and return the items to the place where they belong.  You might be amazed at what you can accomplish in just 15 minutes!
  • Declutter your dish towels and pot holders. Unless you’re particularly attached to your dish towels and pot holders, this is a simple project that will freshen up your kitchen and create some breathing room in your drawers. Discard any towels that are torn, stained or faded. Replace them with new towels and pot holders in a color or pattern the makes you happy.
  • Rearrange the furniture. Rearranging furniture is a free and simple way to energize your home. And if you find the new arrangement doesn’t work as well as the old one, it’s simple enough to move it back next time you’re ready for a change.
  • Declutter and rearrange your home accessories. If you’re not up for rearranging the furniture, a simpler alternative is to change up your home accessories. Pick a room and give each item in that space a second look to make sure you still love it enough to have it out on display. Put any items you no longer want into a donation box and place items you’d like to put away for now in a storage area in your home. Then, sit back and enjoy the fresh new view.
  • Get a new calendar. While January is the traditional new calendar month, if your current calendar isn’t working for you or you’re simply ready for a new view on your appointments and to-dos, consider getting a new calendar this month. Look for academic calendars which could get you through the rest of this year and well into the next.
  • Create fresh routines. If you have kids and they’re back to school, your routine has already changed. So why not decide to intentionally freshen up your daily or weekly routine? What things could you create time for that would keep you energized in the weeks and months ahead? Would you like to schedule in regular exercise, time to make progress on your goals, reading time or time to spend enjoying a long-lost hobby? Next time your schedule changes, use it as an opportunity to add something just for you into your new routine.
  • Incorporate weekly planning into your routine. A terrific way to keep your schedule (and you!) energized is to establish a specific time each week to plan the week ahead. Find a quiet place to escape with your to-do list and calendar, and create a simple plan that prioritizes the items on your to-do list. It’s likely your week won’t go exactly as planned, but with a bit of preplanning you’ll be sure that your top priority items get their fair share of your time and attention.

Listen to your own voice.  If you are craving a fresh start, change of scenery or shift in your energy, chances are that deep down you know what you want and need. Listen to that voice. Maybe one of the ideas on the list above resonated with you or maybe you have your own ideas for creating a fresh start. Either way, listen to your voice…and then, go make it happen![vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_separator][vc_column_text]Copyright © 2013 Organizing Lives ® All rights are reserved and no part of this article may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means unless expressly stated otherwise, or except with the written permission of Organizing Lives®. Enquires should be directed to: info@orgliv.mybusinesshub.ca