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Overwhelmed by the Thought of Downsizing?

Are you an older adult thinking about moving from your home to a smaller apartment, condo or senior community or residence? Or are you a caring family member or friend, wondering how to help a senior move with as little stress as possible? Relax. There is help!

Many Professional Organizers are Senior Move Managers, who can take all the worry and stress away from making a transition to a new home. An initial consultation will provide you with all the information on the services available and how the Move Manager will assist you with your relocation. Here are a few things that a move management company, such as Organizing Lives, will do for you:

  • By creating a detailed floorplan of your new home, we help you decide the most appropriate pieces of furniture to bring with you.
  • As you are moving to a smaller residence, we will help you downsize your’stuff’, and decide what to keep, sell, or give away.
  • Provide you with various options for the disposal of the things you aren’t keeping, such as an antique dealer, online sales, or local charities.
  • Take care of all your moving details ~ booking elevators, arranging for a reputable mover, packing everything that is going with you and unpacking and setting everything up for you in your new home ~ at the end of moving day, you come in and everything is ready for you to start your new life in your new home!

Calling in the services of a Senior Move Manager is a great way to reduce the stress and worry from downsizing and moving, with or without family help, to a new location.

Did you know that Organizing Lives holds the Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist (CRTS) designation, representing advanced training promoting professional standards of excellence within the Senior Move Industry? Having moved hundreds of seniors in the past eight years, we are also the authors of ‘Reduce Resize REVIVE ~ the Upside to Downsizing’.

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