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Organizing Your Closet Don’t Succumb to ‘Garment Guilt’

Sorting through your closet can be just as challenging as wading through years of emotionally charged memorabilia for some of us. Knowing what to let go of can be difficult if you let emotion step in the way of your decisions. See if you recognize any of the following poor reasons to keep something:

‘I might want to wear it again someday’

If you haven’t worn it in a year, unless it’s black tie, then it is dead weight in your closet.

‘I’m going to diet back into it’

If you haven’t been the size in question in more than a year, let it go. When you lose the weight, go out and treat yourself to something new.

‘It was very expensive’

It’s painful to let go of something you paid a lot of money for. If it’s a designer piece, consider consigning it. Let yourself off the hook for your shopping blunder.

‘I want to save it for my daughter’

Unless it’s couture, she probably won’t want it.

‘If I go on that cruise to…..I’ll wear it then’

Unless the tickets are in your hand, get rid of it. By the time you take that trip, if you ever do, give yourself permission to go out and buy something new.

Keep it if:

  • You love it
  • It’s flattering
  • You feel great in it and it projects the right image of who you are today.

Keep in mind the first law of physics, that being that ‘two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time’, meaning, when it comes to your closet, to be mindful of the first law of organizing, that being ‘for each item you bring in to your closet, you must take one item out’. If you love everything in your closet, getting dressed will be stress-free, and who doesn’t want a stress-free morning?

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