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March Forth Into Spring Organizing

In celebration of spring’s imminent arrival, why not help to bring that wonderful fresh feeling of renewal into your  home and office by clearing out some clutter with a bit of spring organizing? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Purging Paper – Since spring brings with it not only longer days and warmer weather but also tax returns, it’s a good time to sort through your files and records. If you don’t already have a system for archiving papers you need to keep, take the time to set one up. It can be as simple as a bankers box stored in a closet, or as involved as a separate file cabinet. Whatever system you choose, be sure it’s easy to add to and access as needed. Spring is also the perfect time to lighten your paper load in other areas: go though those piles of magazines you haven’t read, newspapers that have accumulated on your desk, and any other mail or media that have gathered and be as ruthless as possible about tossing what your don’t need.

Clearing out Clothes and Shoes – One of the best parts of spring is the chance to stash your heavy winter clothes and take your lighter garments out of storage. This year as you do the swap, take the time to do some sorting and purging. Rather than folding up that oversize sweater or those ski pants you didn’t wear once over the winter and putting them away, consider donating them; if you didn’t reach for them this season, chances are they won’t ever be an integral part of your winter wardrobe.

De-Clutter Your Living Space – Get into the lighter airier mood of spring by clearing out any areas of clutter that are bringing you down. Think about doing a ‘stuff’ audit throughout your house by taking a long, hard, realistic look at the things you have and ask yourself whether they’re truly useful, whether they make you truly happy or whether you truly need them. If they don’t pass any three of those tests, it may be time to let them go. The end result will be a light and airy home full of only things that are meaningful and useful.

Decluttering isn’t about getting rid of stuff for the sake of it. It’s about letting things go so you have more space, time, order, and joy.

Keep this thought in mind next time you declutter. What are your underlying reasons for decluttering? What are you creating space for? When you focus on the end result ~ more space, more time, more order and more joy ~ it’s so much easier to let things go. And it’s easier to feel good about the things you decide to keep.

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