Ideas to Simplify Your Life

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Time poor? Drowning in clutter? Here are twelve things you can do (yes, YOU!) to simplify your life.
1. Don’t Bring in the Mail. Accumulating piles of mail can make you feel stressed. Instead, make it a habit to open your mail over your recycle bin. Ditch everything except those items you need to: action, file, cancel.

2. Have a Ready-For-Donation Box. Have a ready-for-donation box, basket  or bag somewhere ready and visible. Anytime you see something you don’t love or use, in it goes! Easy! It’s a great way to make regular de-cluttering a household habit.

3. Don’t Buy it! Less stuff around you means less clutter in your home, more time in your life. Before you buy anything, ask yourself if you need it or love it.

4. Use your nice stuff. Now. With cutlery and tableware, forget ‘everyday’ stuff versus ‘guest’. Are the guests more important than you? Is there any more of a special occasion than today? Too much saving for tomorrow adds to clutter and overwhelm.

5. Streamline Your Social Networks. Limit your social media activities to just a few sites, unless social networking is your passion or your business. Focus on the two or three networks that matter most for business or friendship. Any more, you’ll just spread yourself thin and unproductive.

6. Tidy Up Before Bedtime Starting your day surrounded by chaos and disorder is a recipe for stress and unhappiness. Instead, make it part of your evening ritual to do a quick tidy before bed. A little night-time organizing before you end the day will help you feel lighter and more positive the next morning.

7. Say No to Things that Matter Less Graciously say no thank you to low-priority tasks. To feel more confident saying no, take a little time to decide what your true priorities are. Remind yourself that you can serve others best by focusing on those few key areas where you have most to give.

8. Only Watch Good TV, to help ease feelings of stress and overwhelm, it helps to have good quality leisure time. When it comes to TV, be clear about what’s on your ‘what not to watch’ list. Only watch TV that meets your viewing policy ~ perhaps it makes you laugh, learn, or relax. Buy, borrow, or rent your favorite programs on DVD. Never be at the mercy of whatever’s on the box.

9. Only Read the Best. Cancel subscriptions to papers and magazines unless they enhance your life. Stop reading books you don’t enjoy or learn from. Give the best material your attention. The rest simply takes up time, money, and living space.

 10. Downsize Your Closet Only keep clothes, shoes, boots, and accessories that you love and that make you feel fabulous. Clear your closet of everything else, even if expensive. Let others enjoy the others that you don’t.

11. Decide to Have Less Stuff Too much stuff in your home and your life can leave you feeling heavy, unhappy and overwhelmed. The less stuff you have, the easier it is to get organized and stay organized. Every extra item costs you in organizing time, space and energy. Make a choice to buy less, donate more, and feel instantly lighter!

12. Limit Your Hangers  Just keep enough hangers for the current clothes in your closet. Whenever you buy something new, you’ll have to donate something in order to free up a hanger. How that for discipline? It’s a great way to live within your home’s boundaries and avoid clutter creep.

You can have the simplified life you are looking for! We are pleased to provide you with our weekly quick tips to help you make it happen. However, here’s the deal: no amount of information will get you there. It’s the doing that counts, so set your timer for a half an hour and get to work on a space. Remember that once you get started, you will feel the anticipation of beginning was worse than the actual doing, and in fact, you may actually enjoy it! We challenge you to pick a small area and start to clear the clutter. Then watch what happens. We bet amazing changes start to take place. You’ll feel happier, feel less stressed, save money, strengthen relationships, reach goals and so much more!

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