Weekly Quick Tips

Half-Way Point Organizing Principles

Six months into the year, and we’ve shared twenty weekly quick tips and six monthly newsletters: time for review.  How much have you put into practice? Here are our favourite ‘clutter-busting’ principles:

  • If it doesn’t fit anymore, physically or psychologically, let it go.
  • If you hesitate, trying to decide if something is worthwhile, it’s clutter
  • Toss or give away gifts you don’t like
  • Make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary. Toss anything that agitates or distracts you.
  • If you find yourself defending the object because of how much it’s cost you, it’s clutter
  • Always remove from your home what you know to be clutter. Otherwise, it will continue to detract from your life.Toss anything that is broken, can’t be fixed or that you won’t take to be fixed.
  • For everything you bring into your home, take something out. That includes clothing, gifts, small appliances, books…..
  • Put NOTHING in storage. Storage is clutter alimony and a waste of your money.
  • Organizing is an ongoing process, not a one day event.
  • Store things where you use them.
  • You cannot organize until you purge.
  • Be ruthless. Clutter will try and trick you. Question everything.
  • Organized spaces have storage locations that are hot, warm or cold. Store things according to how often they’re used.
  • Every possession is a responsibility. Is it worth the thought, energy, effort or time it requires of you?
  • First impressions are always correct. Listen to your gut. If your first feeling is that the thing is clutter, it is.
  • Toss anything that makes you feel that the past is more special than right now, that gives you the feeling that life will never be as good as it once was. Only keep what reflects your life as significant in this moment.
  • Give your unwanted items to charity; having a yard sale spells procrastination for most people and whatever doesn’t sell usually ends up coming back in the house.
  • Let it go. You are intuitive. Trust your decisions.

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