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Didn’t Expect That! Surprising Consequences of Getting Rid of Clutter

Some amazing and surprising things happen when you get rid of clutter. Here are a few of our favourites:

  1. You don’t buy things unless they’re awesome!   After decluttering – when your stuff is pared down to what you use and love- you hold every purchase to a higher standard. You’re more aware of what you already have, of what you’ve bought in the past and never used, of what the genuine spaces are in your closet, kitchen, and home. You only feel like buying things you really love.
  2. You enjoy your stuff more. The things that survive your declutter seem so much better without all that other stuff suffocating them. Dressing is more fun with the closet chaos gone. Cooking is more enjoyable when your accoutrements are neatly organized. Lying on the couch reading is more relaxing without clutter distracting you. Home is a more fun place to be.
  3. You find forgotten treasures. We never work with a client that we don’t hear, at some point during our project “Oh that’s where that _________was!” When you get rid of stuff you don’t love, you invariably uncover forgotten things you do love. Your life only has time, space, and energy for a certain quantity of things. Clutter takes up that time, space, and energy, and crowds out the good stuff. Getting rid of the clutter let’s you re-discover the precious.
  4. You feel happier. Some people say they like clutter and know where everything is. Maybe they do. Maybe they’re in denial….we don’t know. We do know this. We’ve known many people who claimed they were fine with clutter, and then decluttered – and without exception they became elated.Thrilled. They couldn’t believe how good it felt.
  5. You feel calmer. Clutter has psychological costs. Maybe you waste time looking for things. Or you’re stressed by the visual chaos. Or you get embarrassed and avoid visitors. Or you argue with your family. Without clutter, there’s that much less in your life to wind you up. You wake up, look around, and simply feel…calmer.
  6. You inspire others (way more than nagging ever could…) We all know that people don’t change unless they want to. And that trying to change someone is a great way to get them to dig their heels in. But making your own changes can have a profound effect on people around you. Your spouse, room-mate, kids – they can be inspired by your decluttering example. And you won’t have to say a word.

Those are some pretty great consequences of decluttering, aren’t they? Is it time to get some of that? We hope so!

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