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Weekly Quick Tips #44 – December, 2012

Clutter-Free Holiday Gift Giving

December is a time of amazing generosity; we open our homes to guests, share with those less fortunate and, of course, exchange gifts with family and friends. The aftermath of this giving bonanza is often a new batch of ‘things’ that may end up as clutter. Here are our favourite ways to give things generously and meaningfully without loading up your loved-ones with things.


Whether it’s a pair of tickets to an upcoming play for the theatre lover, a series of cooking classes for a budding chef or a night out complete with babysitting for the new parents, thoughtful experiences are things that will never be returned or put in the closet until your next visit.


Donating to a favourite charity is the perfect gift for the person ‘who has everything’ and it has multiple benefits: it lets you support a cause your recipient appreciates, allows you to avoid wasting money on token things that might never be used, and expands the scope of your gift so that more than one person benefits.


Not all ‘things’ will wind up as clutter. Something your recipient can use – and use up – can be a great gift! Create a ‘coffee lovers’ basket, give a bottle of wine for each month of the coming year, or a basket of gourmet delights for the foodie on your list.

Your Time and Talent

Chances are you do something really well, whether it’s small home repairs, baking cakes, writing, sewing… Grant your gift recipients a gift of yourself, because, by definition, it’s something that no one else can give, and your time and skills are likely to be more valuable than many other ‘things’ you could give.

Gift Cards

Though often thought of as a bland, impersonal last minute gift, we love gift cards! Rather than focusing on retail stores, how about treating your mom to some pre-paid housecleaning, your best friend to a manicure or a night at the movies for your teenaged niece?

As you shop for the holidays, or create your own wish list, consider our favourite choices. You’ll be able to share in the generosity of the season without worrying about the clutter aftermath come January!

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