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Organizing Lives holds the Certified Canadian Staging Professional Designation, the highest level of Staging Training in Canada today. Organizing Lives stages properties with an understanding of the Real Estate industry, the psychology of buyers, target marketing, and lifestyle living techniques. We use all of these talents with our innate gift to evaluate and enhance a property’s appeal to buyers – inside and out.

Working with the premise that we don’t sell our home the same way we live in it, Organizing Lives will breathe new life into your home prior to listing it for sale. Preparing a house for sale through cost-effective and non-evasive methods to enhance your home’s marketability, staging is far from a ‘trend’. Increasingly becoming a part of the home-selling process, staging is an investment for the homeowner and the real estate agent to minimize listing time and maximize selling price. Using lifestyle-selling techniques to enhance the home’s best features, Organizing Lives works with proven methods including organizing, purging, de-cluttering, depersonalizing your home, creating the illusion of space and enhancing curb appeal.