Organizing Lives holds the Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist Designation and are members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, both representing advanced training promoting professional standards of excellence within the Senior Move Industry.

The numbers tell the story. The Canadian population aged 65 and over will jump nearly 80 percent as the Baby Boom generation retires (from 2010 to 2030). By 2030, the elderly will account for one-fifth of the total Canadian population. Today, many families are geographically dispersed and adult children are often not able to help with the moving process due to distance, career and family obligations. For family members living far away, the barriers may be geographic. Many seniors have no surviving children, or increasingly, their children are older adults themselves. If illness or death precipitates the move, the family is likely already drained both emotionally and physically.  Senior Move Managers® Organizing Lives has filled these gaps to facilitate the transition for everyone involved. Older adults making a transition have usually not moved in 30, 40 or 50 years and need to downsize considerably. The organizational and physical tasks associated with planning and implementing such a complex move can be overwhelming for the entire family.

Organizing Lives has developed a wide range of specialized services to assist you as you face this life transition. This menu of services that can be tailored to your unique situation include:

  • Meeting with you in your home and making a plan of how we will go through the process of downsizing together.
  • Sort and organize your belongings to assist you in deciding what to keep, what to give family/friends, what and how to sell, what and how to donate and what should be discarded or recycled.
  • Support you in the sale or disposal of the balance of your personal belongings.
  • Pack and ship items that have been promised to family and friends
  • Preparation of a floor plan for placement of your belongings and furniture in your new home; determine what will fit before it’s moved.
  • Assist in finding a real-estate agent to suit your needs
  • Prepare your home for sale in the real estate market by co-coordinating a team of trade professionals to enhance your home’s appearance, ensuring that you minimize real estate listing time and maximize your selling price.
  • Manage the move to your new home.
  • Unpacking and set-up, including floor plan implementation, unpacking of boxes, hanging artwork, organizing belongings, and disposal of all packing material

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Ageing In Place

To Age in Place means the capacity for any individual to safely, independently, and comfortably live in their own home. Does your home suit this lifestyle?

  • Do you have unopened boxes in storage from your last move over twenty years ago?
  • Are you storing your adult children’s belongings?
  • Are you hanging on to that old toaster, outdated documents and now retired career-clothing ‘just in case’?
  • Has your accessibility become a safety issue due to the clutter building up in your home?
  • Has the once easy-to-navigate layout of your home become an obstacle course due to your limited mobility?

Organizing Lives can help you prepare to live an independent lifestyle that doesn’t require you changing your address. Our primary goal as we support Ageing in Place is to maximize the quality of life for seniors. Our services include:

  • Meeting with you in your home and together making a plan of how we will go through the process of organizing your home, enabling you to age in place safely and independently.
  • Sort and organize your belongings to assist you in deciding what to keep, what to give to family/friends, what to sell, what and how to donate and what should be discarded or recycled.
  • Once you’re organized, we can help you sell, send to charity, get appraised, or pack those items you no longer want.
  • Preparation and implementation of a floor plan for furniture placement, creating flow and plenty of room to maneuver.
  • Ongoing support for your situation.

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Relocation Services

There is something spiritually uplifting about moving; a new home is a new beginning and packing up its’ contents becomes a purifying ritual, a time to decide what you will take with you and what you will leave behind. However, more often than not, moving can also be an extremely stressful experience, both emotionally and physically.

Multi-tasking to finalize the details of your new home, hours of exhausting packing… many of us just do not have the time or inclination necessary to make a smooth stress-free transition.

Organizing Lives can take the stress out of your relocation and save you time. Whether it is a move across town or across the country, Organizing Lives can simplify your move, customized to your needs.

After an initial consultation, Organizing Lives would support and guide you through the relocation process by offering any or all of the following services:

  • Assist in sorting, organizing and purging the contents of your home
  • Research, interview and hire a moving company on your behalf
  • Prepare your home for sale in the real estate market with minimum market time and maximum selling price
  • Pack the contents of your home, through the implementation of Organizing Lives’ SmartPack system.
  • Create a floor plan of your new home and assist in the placement of furniture and decorative accents.
  • Unpack and organize your new environment
  • Manage your relocation on moving day

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Speaking and Workshops

Organizing Lives is available to speak to your group, company or organization on a variety of topics. Topics are customized for each group and can be tailored to fit your time schedule. Email us your request now!

Information packed workshops are currently available for the following subjects:

  • Downsizing to Retirement Living
  • Organizing Basics
  • Organizing for Ageing in Place

Call or email us today to book or get more information on workshops.

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Estate Clearing

When a loved one has passed away, the task of clearing their home can seem unbearable. Preparation for an estate sale, content removal or preparing the home for the real estate market can be overwhelming. We understand. Our empathetic team provides a listening ear when you need it most…and professional knowledgeable, efficient service to help preserve your family’s legacy.

It begins with a complimentary consultation to discuss the estate and your plans for the future. At Organizing Lives, we offer you a single point of contact that consolidates all estate liquidation services under one company for you. Our estate clearing services include:

  • Meeting with family, executor and/or trust company to determine time line and plan to move forward
  • Assisting family in removing sentimental belongings from residence, packing     and shipping when necessary
  • Decluttering the home of all unwanted belongings
  • Managing and/or coordinating the sale of house contents through an on-line auction
  • Removing all garbage
  • Shredding sensitive documents
  • Thorough cleaning of entire inside of estate
  • General yard clean up and maintenance
  • Stage home to maximize selling price and reduce listing time
  • Work with a real estate professional to list home 


Our mission is to cushion the grief, stress and hard work that are often associated with estate clearing. We will help you navigate this difficult time with the utmost respect, dignity, compassion, and discretion.

Property Preparation

Your Realtor™ knows what it takes to sell a home in today’s market.  We know that one of the best ways to maximize your equity can also be one of the most labour -intensive. And when you’re selling, time is never on your side.

Whether you’re moving across the country or across town, you’re upsizing or downsizing, you’re a time-crunched family or a senior who hasn’t moved in 50 years, Organizing Lives is your solution for pre-listing home preparation.

As Professional Organizers, we know the competitive advantage of a decluttered home in today’s market. In fact, beautiful home furnishings, artwork and bedding lose their sparkle without doing the prep work first. Our services include:

  • Editing your home to depersonalize and create flow, as directed by your Realtor™ and/or Stager
  • Removing any unwanted items to charity
  • Professional inventoried packing of the things you want to keep, but must be removed from your home for listing
  • Arranging off-site storage on your behalf

63% of buyers are willing to pay more money for a house that is move-in ready.
– 2006 Maritz Research Study