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Whether you’re moving yourself or are supporting your parents as they transition into a smaller space, Reduce Resize Revive; the Upside to Downsizing is the only roadmap you’ll need to simplify your surroundings so you can focus on what matters most – the freedom to do more of what you enjoy so that you can live each day to the fullest.

With real life wisdom from two of the industry’s foremost authorities on household organization and life transition downsizing, as well as personal accounts and anecdotes from dozens of seniors, Reduce Resize Revive will help you plan, prepare and embrace your downsizing journey. Throughout these pages we will take you through the downsizing process, step by step, beginning with “thinking about it” right through to adjusting to your new home.

Moving later in life is not just another move. This is a major transition where you will cross the threshold into the next phase of your life. Older adults who proactively make the needed adjustments and changes that benefit this phase of life are becoming the new role models for our aging population. Are you ready?

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“Thanks to the insight you give in your book Reduce Resize REVIVE, my 90 year old mom’s move into a retirement residence was extremely successful. You gave me the words that made the transition from house to retirement living less ominous for her. Your ideas of taking memorable things from her house and giving them importance in her new living space added to the ease with which my mom was able to acclimatize to her new place. We are all happy that my mom made the adjustment so well and continues to thrive in her new home, and we believe that Reduce Resize REVIVE played such a significant role!”

Kathy, Cedarvale Lodge in Keswick Ontario.